Outsourcing Risks

Industry Panel held at ISSRE 2002, Washington, DC

Outsourcing has become an integral part of any IT strategy today. At ISSRE we need to recognize the direction, understand the issues, and figure out how we add value to this new dimension of software engineering. This power panel brings together experts with different perspectives and a ton of experience - The Global Direction, The Customer Perspective, The Vendor Perspective, and an Industry Vertical. There are a wide variety of issues that are relevant, and the panel will over the top issues of the day.

  • Tactical
  • Strategic
  • Offshore
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Costs
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Project Management
  • Domain Skill
  • Quality Control
  • Process Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Language Skills

Rama Eleswarapu
Was vice president of IT at AIG and CIO of the State Insurance Fund. He has over 22 years of IT management experience and coordinated several outsourcing vendors. He consults on e-commerce and CRM solutions.

Ram Chillarege
Consults in software engineering and management. Fellow IEEE and inventor of ODC. He founded and headed the IBM Center for Software Engineering and was Exec VP of Software Technology, Opus360

Pavan Kumar Maddali
Vice President of Knowledge Initiative for the U.S. Region, Satyam Computers - one of the Top 5 outsourcing companies in India. He oversees the outsourcing processes for program, project and relationship management.

Siddhartha Alladi
CEO Alladi Computing which automates insurance workflow for State Insurance Fund – the largest worker compensation insurance carrier in NY. They cover the complete life cycle from quotation to collection.

Panel: Held at the ISSRE Conference 2002, Washington DC

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