Fast Assessment

The objective of the fast assessment is to rapidly arrive at an overall assessment of the technology, process and state of the product. This will guide the strategy of analysis and detailed work that will follow using the ODC technology. It also provides a window into issues that may not be directly under the ODC microscope, but will help direct the areas for analysis and deep dives.

The fast assessment is conducted through a series of interviews across the product development areas: Architecture, Development, Testing and QA, Tools, Management and Customer Service.

Preparation Material:

  • Product Overview – Reading material, and a quick walk-through of the material at least a week before the engagement.

  • A block diagram of the system architecture or components will be appreciated if it exists.

  • Develop a list of potential SMEs we can speak with. No particular preparation is necessary, except to be made aware of our objectives. The areas we will need to cover are:

    • Product Management

    • Architecture

    • Development

    • Testing and QA

    • Customer Services

    • Tools

    • Development Management

  • Guideline schedule is provided below. These interview will likely last 50 minutes which gives us 10 minutes to make notes. Interviews 9, 10, & 11 are a holding spot to fill as we go along.