Technology Insertion

Inserting a new technology and process into an organization is far more than just the science and engineering it involves. Some would say, that's the easy part. The hard part is deployment. Getting the right focus, the appropriate degree of sophistication, picking the right starting points, training the troops, training the management team, developing the right pilot projects, and then staging the deployment are only a few of the elements in inserting a new technology.

When we get it right, its a treat and a banner moment for management. When we do not, its expensive and disappointing. Its not just the lost opportunity but living with software engineers who are often not the most forgiving when a process initiative goes wrong.

What Chillarege brings you is the years of experience in technology insertion. Implementations conducted dozens of times and touching thousands of engineers ranging from a start-up to a multi-national with operations in a dozen countries. We bring you the expertise that will make you and your organization successful.

We are here to help you with ODC.

If you have never tried it before, we will get you started.  If you've been at it for a while, like some of our clients, we will get to the next level.


  • ODC engineer training and practice
  • ODC management training, case studies and workshops
  • Deep dive product analysis for development strategy
  • Root cause analysis acceleration and cost reduction
  • Product retrospective to drive customer satisfaction
  • Test efficiency analysis and methods tune-up
  • Out sourced, periodic, ODC analysis and feedback
  • Building and supporting your ODC center of excellence