Tutorial at ISSRE, Pasadena CA

This Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) tutorial is free for all attendees of the ISSRE Conference. Every year, we do a couple free tutorials for the broader software engineering community. Link to ISSRE 2013 Site with tutorial announcement. Monday, November 4, 2013. Pasadena, CA www.issre.org


  • ODC Concepts and Information Extraction
  • How to gain 10x in Root Cause Analysis
  • How to tune up the Test Process using ODC
  • Case Studies of ODC based Process Diagnosis
  • What is required to support ODC?
  • How does one plan an ODC Rollout ?

Target Audience:

This tutorial is for the practising engineer and manager in software engineering. One must have a reasonable experience with the software development lifecycle, process improvement methods, tools, and practices. Knowledge of CMMi and Six Sigma are useful but not necessary.

Typical roles who will find value

Software engineering project leads, first and second line managers, those with delivery responsibility, QA responsibility, architects, program management, and service management. The SEPG department as a whole would also be interested. Training: Gain a firm appreciation of ODC concepts. Understand what it can do, and what it cannot. Learn how ODC helps perform advanced software engineering analysis techniques to deliver value to the different stake holders - engineers, project managers and process architects. Learn how ODC is applied in-process and post-process. Discuss deployment models and options. Qualify and quantify the support services needed to insert, support and scale a deployment.